Saving you from I.T. nightmares for over a decade!

Seriously though ... Mozzie I.T. can ease your never-ending I.T. pain. Our services come at a fraction of the cost of hiring internally, and with our professional staff experienced in the bleeding edge of technology, we can even suggest ways to improve your current systems to suit your business and help you to achieve the best in systems and productivity

With Unlimited* capped pricing or by-the-hour priority support, we can tailor a plan that suits you and your business and provide special pricing on business support subscriptions. You no longer have to pay for something that you don't need!

We can help you by providing your business with crucial services such as:

  • Remote I.T. Support – save you time and money by assisting remotely (Request a demo)
  • Remote monitoring of your critical network services
  • Enterprise grade off-site backup solutions for your businesses sensitive data
  • Repairs and upgrades to all computer systems
  • On-site services
  • Data recovery
  • We also offer residential computer services (Read More)