I think it is about time we told you, The Tale of Moz!

Founded on the 1st of April 2000, Mozzie I.T. was created in response to the growing demand for a commercial level I.T. support team.

The requirements were for a company that had the capacity to handle I.T. for a large number of businesses with a workforce of as many as 250 employees. Our company has grown exponentially in the past 24 months with the addition of new team members, which has brought on board a wealth of new knowledge that has allowed us to greatly expand our range and quality of our services to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients and partners.

We haven't got clients ... we have partners!

We take an extraordinary amount of pride in our work, and it is this pride that ensures we become less like a 'once-in-a-blue-moon' contributor to your business, and more of a full time partner that endeavours to assist in your business and encourage growth by providing exceptional and professional service.

Our current 'partners' include: