We are like a well prescribed drug for your business!

We know that I.T. can be a pain, so we understand that you can and do get frustrated when things just don’t work as they should. At Mozzie I.T. we aim to make it as painless as possible! We can help you make the best of your business with our experienced staff who know exactly how to meet your commercial level I.T. needs (See a list of our current clients). If you're finding that your I.T. situation is only slowing you down, then it's time to get in touch with us and see how we can help you out with our free, no-obligation on-site consultations.

Not only can we set you up with a strong and functional system, we can also provide support for all staff members within your company using our triage based ticketing system and remote support software, allowing us to effectively and dynamically respond to your needs swiftly and economically.

Never fear ... Mozzie I.T. is here!

Handling sensitive data, and lots off it, can become a tedious and overwhelming nightmare for a lot of large companies and businesses. And we’re guessing it’s no different for you. If you’re worried about your data and what would happen if everything was lost, Mozzie I.T. can ease your mind with our commercial grade off-site backup solutions.
Once it’s all set up, backups run overnight using your internet connection to ensure that there is always a copy of your data off-site should something happen at your place of work.
From prices starting as low as $15 p/month we can guarantee it’s worth taking the gamble with us instead of taking the gamble with your data!

Capped Pricing on computer repairs... Woo Hoo!

We don't just handle business I.T., we can fix any PC problems you may be having with your personal or home computer and we offer an unbelievable capped price service on most of our computer repairs. We can fix that slow computer, the one with the virus, the one with that takes 10 minutes to start up, the one with no sound, and the one with a blown video card. To put it short, we can come up with a solution to all your computer issues.

Data recovery is also in our repertoire of services, so if you desperately need that document off that computer that stopped working. Chances are that we can help you out.

Mozzie I.T. can also quote and build that dream computer for you. So stop dreaming get in touch with us right now!